Dutch in the border regions

Language boundaries are blurring

In the 'Europe of the Regions', a wide variety of different languages live comfortably side by side. The border areas of the Netherlands and Flanders are a good example: Dutch is spoken in many parts of Belgium's French-speaking community, in northern France and in the German border region, and it is also offered as a subject at primary and secondary schools and in adult education.

The Nederlandse Taalunie (Union for the Dutch Language) supports such classes in cooperation with the local authorities. The Taalunie also offers financial support.

In order to promote the quality of Dutch language and literature courses, the Taalunie provides different forms of assistance.

  • More information about financial support in the border regions.
  • Information in Dutch about the activities and teaching methods that the Union for the Dutch Language supports in these regions.
  • If you want to contact us about primary and secondary education of Dutch in these border areas, please send an e-mail to nvt@taalunie.org.