Guest author programme

This programme means that departments of Dutch outside Dutch-speaking countries and territories are able to receive a guest author. The arrangement concerns five fixed positions and two rotating positions.

The Union for the Dutch Language cooperates in this project with the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literature Fund in order to make this programme financially possible.

What for?
The guest author programme can enrich the tuition of Dutch at a department of Dutch and increase the visibility and proliferation of Dutch-language literature abroad. Alongside this, the programme can help to stimulate students’ and teachers’ interest in literary translation.
Staying in a foreign country is an inspiring experience for an author.

The programme offers two rotating positions for a guest author every year. Every department of Dutch can apply for one of these positions. In addition, every year there are several fixed positions available in the following cities:
- London (combined with Sheffield, Norwich and Nottingham)
- Paris
- Berlin
- in the United States, alternating with Paramaribo (Surinam)

All positions have to be filled by a Dutch and a Flemish author alternately.
A guest author has to deliver at least one lesson or lecture per week and at least one reading in front of a general audience.

The Union for the Dutch Language covers the costs of the author's fee (500 Euros per week). Travelling expenses and costs for translation are paid by the literary funds. The receiving departments of Dutch must provide proper accommodation for the guest author.

More information
Application forms have to be completed in Dutch. Forms in other languages will not be accepted. For more information, please have a look at the original text in Dutch.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to