Foreign language assistants in Europe

A 'language assistant' is a Dutch or Flemish student following a course abroad and carrying out activities for a department of Dutch. In facilitating Dutch language assistants, the Union for the Dutch Language aims to support the foreign departments of Dutch around the world as regards staff.

Language assistants’ primary role is to help foreign students acquire Dutch-language skills, but they can also be recruited for additional activities in the department of Dutch.
Foreign departments of Dutch may apply for language assistants irrespective of the status of the course. The department of Dutch will supervise the language assistant.

Language assistants are exclusively students studying at a foreign university with a grant that has been recognized by the Dutch Language Union. A language assistant may be recruited for a maximum of 4 hours per week for a period of 24 weeks. In return, language assistants will receive an hourly expense allowance from the Union for the Dutch Language.

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